I've seen a lot of people not wearing masks already, is it the right thing to do? I'm a little mixed up because I see signs requiring masks.

Here's what I am getting, and here's how to know what is going on with the mask laws or mandates. Check with everyone at every business or establishment. Remember masks are for other people, that's why the CDC says, if you aren't vaccinated, wear a mask for other's safety.

Here's What I am seeing.

City Government
Duluth's Website says Mayor Larson and the Duluth City Council said they are not enforcing the mask mandates anymore.

Retail and Stores
Some stores are still requiring masks. They have it posted on the door. Target recently dropped their mask mandates, Starbucks loosened up. I see a lot of local businesses still have signs up in the window to wear a mask. Some I've heard are asking if you have your vaccination card.

Check with each school district, but as far as I know, the CDC is still recommending that teachers and students wear masks. Superior Schools updated their statements.
Minnesota's Department of education's official statement is, “Through the end of the 2020-21 school year (last teacher contact day), masks must continue to be worn by everyone inside school buildings or on a school bus,”. Vaccine eligibility is limited to students 12 and older.

Public Transportation
I think most transportation is recommending everyone wear masks. They should be posted what the correct or expected behavior is. As far as I'm concerned, I don't know who has been vaccinated so I will wear a mask in close quarters like a bus. Besides the CDC says buses, trains, and other Public Travel should require masks. I'm including planes in that too.

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I think it is still smart to wear a mask in Medical buildings, assisted living or senior care buildings. Again, I say, look for the sign. Right now most places have either taken down their sign or have one up. I know everyone would like to ditch their masks, but we have to respect everyone's feelings about them. If they want to wear them, it's ok. If a business wants you to wear one, respect that. Soon enough we will be able to take them off.

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