Starbucks is one of the latest big businesses to greatly loosen their mask policies amid new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention last week.

In case you didn't know, the CDC announced that the fully vaccinated can ditch their masks in public. However, different states and cities can choose to keep their mask mandates in place if they see fit. This applies to businesses as well.

Shortly after the new announcement, Starbucks said they were giving customers the option to ditch their mask if they are fully vaccinated. Customers that are fully vaccinated may continue wearing them in store if they want to but do not need to.

With that being said, those that are unvaccinated must still mask up in stores. Starbucks' COVID-19 page does not mention anything about checking or proving you are vaccinated, working instead on an honor system.

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These new changes went into effect on Monday (May 17th). This new mask policy does not work in cities or states where there is still a mask mandate. However, it is effective in Duluth, as the mask ordinance was dropped recently.

In the meantime, there will still be other COVID-19 policies in place at Starbucks stores. They state that most stores will keep their bathrooms closed for now and will continue to implement enhanced cleaning measures and such.

Other businesses that have relaxed or changed their mask policies in recent days include Target, Walmart and Sam's Club stores. Each states that fully vaccinated people can drop their mask and ask that the unvaccinated continue wearing masks until further notice.

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