Minnesota Representative Mike Freiberg sent through a bill, Minnesotans are behind it, and it seems like most of the United States. When will Minnesotans stop setting their clocks?

Freiberg, a Minnesota Representative from St. Paul, introduced legislation to stop changing the clocks last Fall, and it passed through both chambers. So, what does that mean? Do we change our clocks this Sunday and never do it again? No! It turns out there is more to it than just that.

According to KARE 11, even though the bill has passed through both chambers of the Minnesota State Assembly last year (just like 18 other states) doesn't mean we can do what we want. It turns out it takes an act of Congress to be approved.

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Where do the other states stand on this? Like I said before there are 18 states who have voted to stay on Daylight Saving Time, the other states according to KARE 11 have either voted and passed, brought it up, and dropped it for more important matters, or have it shelved. It looks like all the states are for staying on Daylight Saving Time.

Why hasn't Congress done something about it? Many more things to be voting on is the best answer. (D) Freiberg told KARE 11 that it really is not at the top of their list and he thinks it will be attached to something they know will pass so it can get attention and let the states vote for it or not.

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What is the timeline for something like that? KARE 11 reports that New Jersey Representative Frank Pallone (D) sent a request to the Transportation Department to ask for an analysis of the effects of changing the clock, but that was in 2018 so that answers your question on the importance of the request from Minnesota to stay on DST.

Where do you stand on Daylight Saving Time? Leave messages below.

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