There's something new in the kitchen and I think it's revolutionary!

First off, I should point out that this is not an endorsement or a pseudo-commercial;  I also don't have any interest - financial or otherwise - in the company that's marketing this product. As a Foodie, I tend to gravitate away from gadgets - preferring classic tools and equipment that serves multiple purposes.  (In other words, no bead machines or garlic presses for me -- I have an oven and a chef's knife, thank you).  So when I came across the press release for this new item - I was impressed in a way that's out of character for me.

It's a silicone roasting laurel - and it's so inventive that I don't know why someone didn't invent it before.

Made out of bendable silicone that keeps it's shape, the laurel rests at the bottom of your roasting pan to elevate your meat out of it's drippings.  It would replace the typical rack set-up that are used with most roasting pans.  The idea is to elevate the meat or poultry out of it's fatty drippings - resulting in a leaner, more-browned end product.

Those wire racks are difficult to clean.  This new silicone option addresses that.  Those of you that are familiar with silicone baking sheets, loaf pans, and muffin tins will know what I'm talking about.  Nothing sticks to silicone (in theory), so clean up is a breeze.  The baked-on, caked-on stuff just washes off - easily.

Have I bought one yet?  No, so I can't give you a review.  But I do plan on seeking them out.

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