I often wonder what other people wonder about the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Now that Google exists we can find out what other people wonder about Minnesota. Plug in 'Why Minnesota' and get ready to be entertained.

Here's what Google revealed about the curiosity of the rest of the country.

  • Why Minnesota is better than Wisconsin (Easy...because we are)
  • Why Minnesota is the best state (because we're not Wisconsin)
  • Why Minnesota is so cold (Because we live in the shade that Wisconsin throws our way)
  • Why Minnesota beat Wisconsin (Not sure what this means but Wisconsin can't win at anything)
  • Why Minnesota is great (Because we are)
  • Why Minnesota is the worst state (Good try, Wisconsin...we see you)
  • Why Minnesota is called the Twin Cities (Because our cities are so great that we needed a twin copy)

I must say, I was quite surprised. I thought for sure it would be a tater tot hot dish recipe or our record snowfall totals. Neither of my guesses made the top list. In fact, I realized that Minnesotans actually love the state they live in and our rivalry with Wisconsin runs deep and strong.

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