Take in the mild conditions while you can because a bitter cold snap is on the way this weekend.

It will be so cold in fact that the National Weather Service of Duluth has issued a warning. According to a post on their Facebook page Tuesday morning, "arctic air will filter into the Northland this weekend, bringing bitterly cold wind chills."

So how cold is bitterly cold? They say wind chill values will drop between 20 to 40 degrees below zero. This will mainly hit northeast Minnesota over the course of Friday and Saturday night.

Take a look at projected wind chill values below:

Of course, this kind of cold is not only uncomfortable but it's also dangerous. Frostbite, according to the NWS Duluth, can develop in just 10 minutes.

The National Weather Service also advises everyone to bring your pets inside and be prepared if you are planning on traveling this weekend.

It is also smart to wear as many layers as possible if you head outdoors and do not use your stove or oven to heat your home over the weekend.

Stay safe - and warm!

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