Coming back from lunch today, I was walking through the parking lot and noticed that KOOL's mid-day man Steve Tanko had a group of CD's laying out in his car. The CD hierarchy in vehicles has been a time honored tradition, and I've always found it interesting as to which CD holds the top position for people.

So when I was talking by Steve's car and saw CD's, curiosity caught the best of me. I saw who was on the top of the pile for him and smiled. Of course it was this artist. This describes Steve Tanko perfectly!

Steve is a self described classic country music fan. So this artist makes perfect sense as to which CD sits at the top of the throne.

Which CD is it you might ask? Could it be Merle Haggard? Maybe it's the man himself Johnny Cash? Well the winner and the top CD on the top of the pile for Steve Tanko is the one and only....

Josh Koop/TSM

Conway Twitty! Seems only fitting that " Hello Darlin' " singer would be the king of the mountain in Steve Tanko's car.