Al Roker of the Today show is #rokering, and so is Rayman. What is #rokring anyway? Rokering is having a picture taken, in a dim light, while one has a  puzzled, frustrated, inquisitive,or angry look on their face.

It all started with Al Roker on the Today show. In TV as well as radio, someone is always taking pictures, and often times were caught by surprise. This happened to Al. Someone wanted to take a picture of several people, and Al was in the background, standing by a lamp, with a slightly angry or puzzled look on his face.

The cast of the Today Show, flashed the picture on TV, and aptly name it #rokering. Since this morning, hundreds of people have sent in pix of themselves #rokering. Here's mine. All you need is your cell phone camera, and a lamp..oh yeah, and a puzzled or angry look on your face. Try it with friends and co-workers...go ahead, get #rokering!


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