Visit a doctor and they'll tell you that one of the ways to improve your overall health is to watch what you eat.  Speaking in generalities, we should all avoid fats, salt, and chemicals.  But what specific foods do doctors suggest we avoid?  Or, put another way - what foods don't doctors eat?

A recent survey was taken and two items rose to the top:  processed foods like lunch meat and hot dogs - which are high in nitrates, salt, and fat - and ice cream.

Ice cream? One of the participating doctors says this:

[Ice cream is the] worst food for humans. It is chock-full of chemicals, hormones, and pasteurized dairy. Pasteurization changes the proteins of milk. It has saturated fats and, worst of all, sugar in it." And as for frozen yogurt? "Not much better at all. It all has sugar, which has ruined more of human civilization than any ingredient."

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