'Tis the season for busy postal workers!  The influx of Christmas cards and packages make for a busy season for the folks who deliver our mail;  And to paraphrase the age-old adage, they do it through rain, snow, sleet, and ice.

Talk to any U.S. Postal worker and they'll tell you that the commonly-held belief that people don't use the mail anymore is simply not true.  In fact - if anything - online ordering has increased the need for mail delivery staff.

So with mail workers spending so much time out in our neighborhoods and at our door, it's no wonder that they begin to develop some idea of who we are - even if they have never met us.

I recently stumbled across an article that detailed some of the so-called surprising things a mail carrier knows about you - based on what they deliver and observe around your property.  In some ways, none of the items surprised me;  I completely understand how most of the items ring true.

What do you think your mail carrier knows (or thinks they know) about you?

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