I'm not a prepper - but the movement has gained many numbers over the last ten years or so.  For the uninitiated, "preppers" are those people who are preparing for the (eventual to them) emergency situation where mankind would have to depend upon their own stockpile and skills to survive.

I recently saw this list online - "The First 100 Items To Disappear First"  - and it caught my attention.  The listing details what preppers believe will become scarce items after a natural or man-made disaster.

It struck me that even if you weren't preparing for a doomsday scenario, many of these 100 items would make a good starting point for a basic survival kit.  We often get severe weather in this part of the country and having survival items on hand can be beneficial.

Many of the items listed include basic items to provide food and shelter.

I happened to notice that coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes appear towards the bottom of the list.  I don't smoke - but I do drink coffee;  Something tells me that many people might humorously argue that these three vices should appear earlier in the listing.

What do you think?  Are you a prepper?


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