The term American Food or American Cuisine gets tossed around by people all of the time.  But what does it really mean?

The broad definition of American Food is the cuisine that is most-likely to be served in to someone ordering off of a menu at a restaurant in the United States.  However - just like regional dialects change from region to region, the most-popular menu items do as well.

A new survey conducted by Yelp and the Huffington Post discloses what those in the know have been wise to for a long time:  America's tastes are vast and wide-reaching;  In other words - what's trendy in Los Angeles is different from what's hot in New York City.

Read the complete article for details on all 50 states.  But if you're looking for a sneak-peak on those states close to home, here are the particulars:

  • Minnesota:  According to the survey, residents of the state with 10,000 lakes likes their meals to come with as many options;  Buffets are the most-popular form of American cuisine in Minnesota.
  • Wisconsin:  The survey results show that Badger State residents prefer "Traditional American" cuisine - however the article fails to detail what that is exactly.
  • North Dakota: In a tip-of-the-hat to their ancestry, residents of North Dakota seem to prefer German-styled foods the best.
  • South Dakota:  Meanwhile if you travel to South Dakota for a meal, you're most-likely to find steak on your plate.
  • Iowa:  The corn state likes their buffets just like Minnesota.


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