Need to register to vote in Minnesota, but missed the 20 day minimum registration window? The State of Minnesota allows voters to register at their polling place on Election Day. Learn what serves as proof of residency and how to register here.

In order to register at your polling place on Election Day, the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office says you need to bring with one of the following items from each of these lists with your current legal name and address:

Photo IDs (may be expired)

  • Minnesota Driver's License
  • Minnesota ID Card
  • United States Passport
  • United States Military ID Card
  • Tribal ID Card
  • Minnesota University, College, or Technical College ID Card

Bills (delivered electronically or by mail)

  • Utility Bill Due Within 30 Days of Election Day
    • Telephone (Landline, Cell, VOIP, etc.)
    • TV (Cable, Satellite, etc.)
    • Internet Services
    • Electric
    • Gas
    • Solid Waste
    • Sewer Services
    • Water
  • Rent Statement Dated Within 30 Days of Election Day That Itemizes Utilities
  • Current Student Fee Statement

These items will be used to validate that you are a legal resident and that you are eligible to vote at your particular polling place. Now that you know what you need to register, find out where to vote.


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