As election day approaches, college students face a decision of either absentee voting in their home precinct or voting in the city they now call home - where they are going to college. What are the rules for college students voting in Minnesota and Wisconsin? Find out here:

Both Minnesota and Wisconsin allows students to decide which place "home" is; whether it be their original precinct they moved from or the place they go to school. If students decide their residency is where they go to school, both states provide information on what you need to have to prove your residency and register to vote.

Minnesota Voters

If you go to college at a Minnesota school and have decided to vote in the city you are going to school, Minnesota allows you to register at your polling place on the day of the election if you are a legally eligible voter (a U.S. resident 18 years or older with no legal restrictions on voting). You need to have lived at this address for at least 20 days, you will need to know which precinct is yours (find out here), and you will need a couple of items to prove your residency in that precinct.

Here's what you need to bring with you to register (one item from each category):

Photo ID (one of the following)
  • Minnesota University, College, or Technical College ID Card
  • State Issued Photo ID, Driver's License, Tribal ID Card, or Passport
Proof of Residency (a recent bill with your address in the city you hope to vote in)
  • Current Student Fee Statement
  • Utility Bill Due Within 30 Days of Election Day
  • Telephone (Landline, Cell, VOIP, etc.)
  • TV (Cable, Satellite, etc.)
  • Internet Services
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Solid Waste
  • Sewer Services
  • Water
  • Rent Statement Dated Within 30 Days of Election Day That Itemizes Utilities

Wisconsin Voters

Those who go to college at a Wisconsin school are also eligible to vote in the city they go to school. In order to be eligible, you must have lived at your current address for at least 28 consecutive days leading up to the election and you are must be a legally eligible voter (a U.S. resident 18 years or older with no legal restrictions on voting). Like Minnesota, Wisconsin allows voters to register on the day of the election. Beside knowing where to vote (find out here), you will need to have either current university, college, or technical college identification card and/or a recently issued letter from the institution that has your current address showing proof of residency in the place you hope to vote as a part of your proof of residency where you are going to college. See all the details here.

Resources for getting more details are the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office or the Wisconsin Voter Information Website.


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