Shortly after everything erupted in Minneapolis with George Floyd and all the protests that took place, Coach Mike Zimmer had something to say.

According to Fansided, Mike wanted the team to know where he stood and what he had to say. He didn't want to face his players with silence. In a team Zoom session, Zimmer said he didn't understand why there is racism or why people are treating each other like they do. He told his team he loved each and every one of them like a son and would fight for them and have their back. He said everyone should care for each other.

Fansided said in 2016, he was one of the coaches that were adamant that players stand for the national anthem until he was tipped by some of the team members what was really going on with the kneeling. That it had nothing to do with the flag or the troops. It had to do with human rights.

Eddie Kendricks told Fansided that during the time of taking a knee for the national anthem, he called a team meeting and said he didn't understand why they were kneeling during the anthem, and he said he was ignorant and needed to understand. He said to the team, he didn't share the backgrounds of some of the players, but that he wanted to understand and wanted to listen rather than pretended he knew. Kendricks said that impressed him. Since then there have been many open and honest discussions with players.

I was impressed with Drew Brees the quarterback from New Orleans for listening to his team members what the movement was about. Coach Mike Zimmer is doing the same thing and is now open to the protests and listening to the players. Listening to what their lives are like and why this all started.


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