Management said masks won't hinder fan's enjoyment of the game and the team is preparing for anything.

The Independent is reporting that players on the Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys contracted the Corona Virus, other teams are looking ahead to see what they should do to protect their players and fans in the stands. The Green Bay Packers said they wanted to get out front of it and said they are two months away from playing their first game.

WISN is reporting that the NFL hasn't made a blanket rule for all teams so some of the teams may require all people to wear masks. The Green Bay Packers pro shop just re-opened and requires all people shopping to wear masks and even sells masks in case fans need to buy them for game day.

WISN is reporting that health officials are saying that requiring fans to wear masks is not a bad thing. That it offers protection and doesn't make it hard to cheer for the team. A few of the fans told WISN that they wouldn't mind if they had to wear a mask. I would think that it would be hard to eat or drink with a mask on so how does the football team or the NFL address that. Is that enough of a risk to close down the food and beer stations? It does make it harder to just say WEAR A MASK AND YOU WILL BE SAFE.

What about the players, will they be wearing masks? What happens if the star players like Aaron Rodgers gets the Coronavirus? The NFL says they will test 3 times a week according to Tom Pelissero. That won't prevent it, that will just find out which players have it. I think they still need to work on a plan for everyone before they say the NFL season will come back.

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