They started out as a good idea but maybe things have changed.  While ownership of any pet is a time and money commitment, it can be especially hard when the animal in question is considered an exotic species. Besides the additional rules and regulations concerning ownership for some of these animals, they also pose challenges when it comes to basic necessities like food, medical care, and more.

While the time to think through some of these concerns is before you take one home, many owners of exotic pets find themselves in a situation where they can no longer take care of one  So what do you do - especially in the Duluth-Superior area?

Good news if you fall into this situation; help is coming.  The Humane Society of Douglas County is offering an Exotic Pet Surrender Event on Saturday, October 2 - between the hours of 12 Noon and 3:00 PM at their building on the road out to Wisconsin Point. For questions, you're directed to call 715-398-6784.

Connor Tosun/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

According to details offered in the Superior Telegram, staff members from the Humane Society of Douglas County will be on hand during that time to "accept the surrender of exotic pets - including fish, plants, corals, inverts, small mammals, birds, and reptiles".

While their efforts may not be the most visible at times, the work that the Humane Society of Douglas County does is vital to the animal population in the Northland.  Their website details their mission:

"The purpose of the Society if the prevention of cruelty to animals, the relief of suffering among animals, and the extension of human education.  It is the policy of the Society to provide humane care and treatment for all animals needing protection in the area serves by the Society.  [They]...also attempt to return lost animals to their owners, seek suitable homes for animals without owners, offer humane euthanasia when necessary."

The organization has a long history of helping animals in the Northland.  It was originally founded back in July 1975 according to their website.  Approximately 1,000 animals each year from the City of Superior and Douglas County reap the benefits each year.

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The Humane Society of Douglas County is located at 138 Moccasin Mike Road in Superior.


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