Tune in to any news report and you'll walk away with one fact:  unemployment is at some of the lowest levels we have seen in decades.  Simply said in reverse, the job market is pretty wide open right now as businesses are having a tough time finding potential candidates for their openings - given the low number of people actively seeking employment.

All of that economic news is good for a region like the Twin Ports - where jobs can be scarce at times. To bait potential employees into applying, many businesses have had to resort to raising salaries to attract good-quality candidates.  Times like these, many people start to wonder what some of the highest paying jobs are in Duluth.

The results of a recent survey done by Zippia.com provide some perspective on the question of what jobs are paying the most in Duluth.  It should be pointed out that Zippia is a job-search website that is in business to find connections between job seekers and job providers.  However, the results of their survey work provide some insight into the Duluth (or Twin Ports) job market.

It's probably no surprise that the health care and the medical field are at the top of the list - with the top 4 positions taken by those sort of jobs.  Broadly speaking, physicians, surgeons, nurses, and dentists are at the top of the page for the highest-paid positions in Duluth.  Immediately following is the role of Chief Executives.  Then, the list goes back to the general medical field with optometrists and pharmacists.

Zippia also offers the chance to drill down some of the broad categories into a list of compiled actual salaries.  Again, it should come as no or little surprise at some of the top jobs/salaries. Did you know that Duluth neurosurgeons earn just shy of $1 million a year?


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