Gary Kubiak did a Zoom interview recently about the team, Kirk Cousins, and other players, one of them was C.J. Ham.

Howie Hanson reports in an emailed version of the Duluth Times that he had plenty to say about our former Denfeld football player. Howie reports that Kubiak said C.J. has become very valuable because of the fact that he is always learning. He said that he can play third down, he can play protection, he can catch the ball if you need him to. Kubiak goes on to say that he has seen many fullbacks and Ham is one of the finest.

Hanson goes on to report that Kubiak says he is just getting started and will be on the squad many years to come. He also says Ham is constantly sharing his knowledge with the new guys. He said C.J. makes everyone better around him because he can be a leader.

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I think it's because of the way that Ham thinks. On a report that was made by KDLT below, his mindset has always been, he has to spend each week and each year trying out for the team. He says he has to earn his job by winning it every week. Being a fullback, mostly a blocking one, you can also measure his success by how well Delvin Cook is running.

Ham told the Duluth News Tribune that his work ethic has won him his position and that is what will keep it for him. He says when you get comfortable you can lose your spot and you can get injured. He says he leads by example so the younger guys see that. He also says, when Delvin runs well it's a victory for everyone, that means they did their job so he could do his.

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