It's no secret that it's been a tough winter in the Northland; and  the (seemingly) never-ending round of late-season snow storms don't seem to help.  It's those reasons that are delaying the opening of the Chippewa National Forest Campground for the season.  Officials with the campground have announced that the seasons opening has been put off due to the lingering snow pack from this winters unseasonably cold weather and the late-in-the-season snow storms.

According to authorities, camp organizers usually spend April getting the sites and trails ready for a May opening; the process also aims to remove downed trees and prepping water systems.  This year, though those prep actions are being delayed.

Michelle Heiker - the Supervisory Recreation Technician for the Chippewa National Forest Campground says:

"We realize how this affects visitors and are working to get campgrounds and trails open as soon as possible.  The Forest will continue to assess campground and trail conditions and provide status updates to the website and social media sites.”

The general public can follow the progress and get updates on when campground officials expect to open for the season by clicking here.


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