Ah yes - a cold snap.  As much as they're no surprise to those of us who live in the Northland, it's still hard to mentally-prepare for the super-cold temperatures.  And even if we are mentally-prepared for them, nothing can change the fact that 20-below will always feel like 20-below.

When it turns cold outside, we usually retreat to the insides of our homes for relief.  Thankfully, we live in a part of the country where heating systems are a given in our homes - and with the advances in technology, they operate (and heat) even better than they ever did before.

But, I'll say it again:  20-below will always feel like 20-below.  And when it gets that cold, the Arctic-like temperatures start to creep inside - no matter how good your insulation is.  That's when Northlanders start to rely on good-old time-tested tricks to stay warm.

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What follows are some (relatively) easy ways to boost the heat in your home - helping you to stay warm when the temperature outside dips.

Ways To Stay Warm Inside When The Weather Turns Cold

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