Sammy Hagar is known for his song "I Can't Drive 55". The Fontana Police Department put together a lip sync and asked Sammy Hagar to be a part of it.

Sammy is a Fontana native and is seen running from the law in his 1984 music video, "I Can't Drive 55" So when the Fontana Police Department reached out for song approval, the Red Rocker himself agreed to work with them and even do a cameo.


According to the Fontana Herald News, Fontana Officer Tim Frydendall took a chance and reached out to Hagar's team with the video idea, but they never expected Sammy to be so gracious and want to be a part of it. Then they had to get permission to use the song and so they called Sammy's people and got the okay. It turns out the man was John Oakes who gave the go ahead and said he was inclined to do so because of his younger brother in law enforcement.


In the original video, Sammy Hagar gets arrested, in this video, there's a different ending.


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