If you've seen Alfonso Cuaron's 'Gravity,' starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, you'll get a kick out of the spinoff short film, 'Aningaaq.' Revealed back in October, the project was created by 'Gravity' co-writer and Cuaron's son Jonas, giving new light to one particularly emotional scene from the box-office hit. Now you can watch the short in full online right now.

Some 'Gravity' spoilers lie ahead ...

The Hollywood Reporter debuted the seven-minute 'Gravity' spinoff, which takes the moment Sandra Bullock's character, Dr. Ryan Stone, finds herself trapped in a Russian space capsule. With seemingly no hope of surviving, she makes contact with a foreign male voice, accompanied by a baby's cries and a barking dog, by radio.

Having originally envisioned the short as a fun Blu-ray extra for 'Gravity,' Jonas and Alfonso thought to retell that scene from the perspective of the mysterious voice -- who turns out to be an Inuit fisherman in Greenland with his family -- while working on the script for the larger film. Now, after the box-office success of 'Gravity' and critical praise for the spinoff short at festival screenings, Warner Bros. has submitted 'Aningaaq' for Oscar consideration for Best Live-Action Short.

You can watch the 'Gravity' spinoff short (above), which was filmed on location guerilla style with a budget of $100,000 and a 10-person crew. If all goes well in terms of securing Oscar nominations, this could potentially mark a historic moment -- 'Gravity' and its spinoff short could be the first feature-length and short film originating from the same material to receive awards recognition, not to mention the touching father-son project atmosphere.

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