A winter weather advisory was in effect over the weekend and it did not make for good driving conditions. 11 cars were involved in a pileup crash that happened Saturday morning in Minnesota.

The incident happened on Highway 77 at Interstate 35 in Eagan as Minnesota Department of Transportation cameras caught several cars losing control before the pileup happened.

According to Fox9, there were multiple non-life threatening injuries in the crash. The station also pointed out that state patrol reported 55 crashes statewide from 6 a.m. to noon Saturday. Of those crashes, 10 involved injuries. There were also 10 spinouts and 2 jackknifed semis.

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I had multiple people in my life that were in the cities over the weekend. My girlfriend attended a concert in Minneapolis and was going to drive home afterwards, however the roads were so bad she ended up getting a hotel room and drove back Sunday morning. Definitely the right decision on her part. A buddy of mine was attending a different show and he told me he drove 30mph the whole way home and took him several hours longer than usual to make it back home to Duluth.

Please drive safe this winter. I know we are used to living in the frozen tundra, but one bad patch of ice is all it takes sometimes. I remember my first car accident when I was 16 over Thanksgiving break. I hit a patch of ice on an exit ramp on the interstate and ran into the guardrail. Within a few seconds my car got hit by another as I ran out of my car. Within five minutes, it turned into a 15 car pileup and I still get nervous when I take the exit ramp, even in the summer as the flashback comes rushing back every time. The turtle always wins the race, so be cautious and drive low and slow.

Check out the video of the pileup below, and thank goodness there were no fatal injuries.

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