The Lighting Contest officially starts soon, you still have another week to register your home too.

The homes are on a map and published so everyone can climb into the car and go see them. My family does this every year. We get some hot chocolate and cookies and drive around with the map and vote after the ride.

The lighting contest used to be a big deal in the Duluth News Tribune then fell from view several years ago. The Lighting Challenge was reinstated by A Sweet Event in 2015 heeding the community’s desire to see this event during the holiday season.

Bentleyville continues to join A Sweet Event to promote the Lighting Challenge. So do other sponsors. The time is now to enter your home is the challenge. The contest is free to enter and voting which is done by the community for homes and businesses begins November 30th. Winners will receive special recognition at an award ceremony, gift basket and award. Entry for lighting challenge ends December 5th and takes place on the Sweet Event Website.

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