John Shuster and the USA Men's Curling Team are up for an award that is based on voting and need your help to win.

It may take a little bit of clicking around, but I tried to make it where you just start from the beginning. By the way, when you get in, the Vikings performance against the New Orleans Saints is in there too so you can vote for them.

It was a historic year for curling. Looking like the team had blown their chance to win and get a gold medal, I think people just wanted to see them place well. Then, the team started winning some games and got to the finals and now they had a chance to win another bronze. The team and namely John played out of their minds.

It was the finals when John hit the shot heard throughout the world, that the team knew they had it. This was the year of curling and women's hockey at the Olympics, and both teams had their fair share of Duluthians on the team. So follow the link below and vote now, the ESPYs are on July 18th.

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