At the last minute I was asked to stand in for someone who changed their mind about competing in the Dizzy Bad Game.

Ryan, one of our sales team, came up to me at the game and said, Chris, one of the people in the Dizzy Bat Game changed their mind and asked if I knew anyone that would stand in for them. I immediately thought of you. What does that mean? If you are doing something that will make you look like an idiot and you don't want to, get Chris Allen, he will look like an idiot for you? Ok, that might be true.

So, I spun around the bat and found myself getting dizzy just from that part and I didn't want to fall over just after that. I just tried to keep it together and not lose my pants, but when I came up from the bat, I was done......BOOM on the ground!!!

My son Sam was filming and on the original that is on my phone, he giggles the entire time, but you can hear him on this version too. Anyway, I try to make a fool or idiot of myself every day, this was for Tuesday.