Visit Duluth has shown us the new Viking Ocantis ship that will sail into port in 2022.

The Expedition ship will be taking trips from the Duluth Harbor and other ports like Thunder Bay, Lake Michigan, the Apostle Island, Houghton MI, Mackinac Island, and Milwaukee, with other destinations planned.

The one that a lot of people will be excited about is the vessel that will be taking passengers to Antarctica. The ship just hit the water and Viking wanted to give people a sneak peek. The ship holds 378 people. The company will build a sister ship that will look just like the Ocantis and be called the Viking Polaris. That ship will also debut in 2022.

According to the press release from Visit Duluth, the Viking Ocantis and Viking Polaris provide all the luxury amenities that you would find on a cruise ship, but there will be some things unique to the ship. It will house a small craft in what they call a hanger. It will have scientists on board constantly working on some studies while it sails.

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Visit Duluth says this can be a fun way to cruise the Great Lakes but to me, the Antarctica cruise sounds cool. It also sounds like you could be away from a while.

This ship will suit Duluth very well too because of what the city offers to people who would cruise the lakes or even take in an ocean cruise into the lakes. With a huge tourism industry already and a scenic port this can really attract some people to the twin ports and the city of Duluth.

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