The COVID-19 Pandemic has shut down operations of many functions of the DECC, they brought in Roger Reinert to help steer through the challes that have come.

He was recently asked by WDSE's Almanac North about a possible merger with the DECC and Visit Duluth merging. Roger said it isn't something that is actively happening, but he did say that the two boards brought up the idea and the City of Duluth is also interested in that merger because they both handle some of the same aspects.

Roger said on Almanac North that many people are talking about what that would look like, that each would make the other stronger, and that there is a subcommittee that is talking about how that merger could make Duluth stronger and make each entity stronger.

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The Duluth News Tribune says that Visit Duluth has released that they only have funding until the end of the year and Roger Reinert says the DECC is trying to survive because they don't have the income from concerts and conventions and that is why he was brought on.

Anna Tanski the CEO of Visit Duluth tells the Duluth New Tribune that the two organizations have worked together on several projects and both organizations have been devastated during the Pandemic.

Roger Reinert told the Duluth News Tribune that there are certain advantages in promoting visitors to Duluth and the Entertainment it offers, he also said they have a "Front Door" responsibility to Duluth, but there are certain roadblocks to that merger happening and that is what the subcommittee could identify and maybe even offer solutions..

It certainly makes sense to me to bring the two together and strengthen the promotions of Duluth and the DECC in working with the city and to bring the DECC on for more entertainment opportunities for tourism and utilize what both entities offer.


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