Monopoly is a great family game, some families have game nights and the whole family enjoys playing together.

Fox 21 is reporting a woman in Virginia who has created a life-sized Monopoly in her driveway. What game piece do you pick for that? The shoe has gotta be huge, and maybe the car is your car. If you pick the car do you get to drive the game?

The board is painted on her driveway, each square has been carefully measured so that it is to scale. The properties hand on her garage and are also large. Wanna put a house or hotel on your property? That is huge as well. You shake wooden dice and move life-sized real game pieces. A real Iron, shoe, and other game pieces. And what do you buy everything with, well, of course, huge Monopoly Money.

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The idea was Diana Brennan's, but the artwork was her daughter. Diana told Fox 21 her daughter was up visiting from the Twin Cities, she came up with the idea and let her daughter do the work. She says her daughter is so talented and seeing the board, that is true. Diana's friend helped with the money, hotels, houses, game cards, and properties.

The Mesabi Daily News says Diana told them it was supposed to be $5 instead it has cost her $400.

No word on whether the real Monopoly has heard about this huge front yard version of their game. Makes you wonder if they are going to embrace it or if they will send Diana to jail without passing go. I say, let everyone play the game and have fun.

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