Remember when you played Monopoly and it took hours? Now it can be over in 30 minutes. You don't have to go directly to jail, and you can pass go. You can also make plays for some of the largest companies.Hasbro, the maker of the game, says ditching the jail will speed up the game and allow for the game to end in an hour rather than the 3 + hours it normally takes.

Scrabble has a fast and furious version of the game that can be completed in two minutes and 30 seconds. And there are speedy versions of Boggle and Rubik's Cubes, too. These are all designed to fit into the pockets of time that kids have in between classes, test prep courses and whatever they're signed up for.

The games are getting smaller too. There are traveling versions of most of the games. The change is also to do battle with the kid gamers who can finish a video game in an hour.  Most people see this as another way Americans are losing their memories. Trying to do more with less time.

Look for other companies to follow suit.

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