Residents on Park Point have had to deal with the fox for quite some time.  They have come accustomed to them in their yard, sometimes even naming them.  When I was training for Grandma's Half Marathon on the Point I saw a fox and was freaked until I started to see them more frequently.  The fox on the Point are in trouble and there is a fundraiser this Saturday to help.


The issue is that the fox have something called mange best described as an irritating skin disease caused by microscopic mites. This is something that puts the household pets that live on the Point at risk. The plan is to build a fox enclosure at the Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation.  Of course, that takes money.  A very unique fundraising event is coming up Saturday, December 17, 2016 at Marcia Hales house, 3739 S. Lake Avenue on Park Point.  Her home is the one that is all lit up for the holidays, lovingly called "Holiday Spirit in the Lights House".  She is being gracious enough to give all donations taken in this Saturday from 5-10p to the cause.  Bring the family to see Santa, enjoy the lights and bonfire and be generous when making your donations.  According to the Facebook page of DeBora R, if the fox are cured, house pets on Park Point will be saved too.

If you are able to give some of your time, they are looking for volunteers that evening too, anytime between 5-10p.

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