I have been a gamer ever since my dad brought home Pong so many years ago. I still love gaming to this day. We are getting a big town release party in Superior for Black Ops III.

I love getting a hold of a new game, and the midnight release is when excited gamers get their hands on a new game and try to be the first one to play this part or reach level whatever, I am no different.

So you can stand in line if you wish at any of the other game stores in the Northland. BORING! This Is the second time our local GameStop store in Superior is stepping it up for gamesters with a call of duty tournament for the midnight launch of Black Ops 3.

 It all starts at 8pm November 5TH with only the first 32 customers to sign up to play. Yes there will be prizes, the winner gets a free copy of Black Ops 3 for PS4 and second place gets a pair of Kontrol Freaks. Everyone else will be able to pick up their copy of Black Ops 3 at 11pm on the 5th of November.

If you have questions call Game Stop in Superior. See you there and get ready to get owned!

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