The rapid-testing COVID-19 test site at the University of Wisconsin-Superior will be reopening once again.  The general public will be able to get a test starting Monday, February 15.

The opening comes following a request from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.  The UWS testing site had originally closed on January 22 due to it meeting it's original, planned six week run and a shrinking demand.  However, state officials saw a need.  According to Jordan Milan - director of strategic communications and special assistant to the chancellor at UWS:

"They felt that this portion of Wisconsin was underserved when it came to state facilities.  We were able to do mass testing very well, so it's nice that we have a proven track record and we're more than happy to set it up again."

According to news sources, the newly-opened testing site will operate much like it did when it was open earlier - with the same hours, but in a (slightly) different location.  Due to the shrinking demand - that had been occurring prior to the original closure - and the academic need for the gym, university officials have moved the site to a few classrooms located within the Toby Marcovich Wellness Center.  Testing hours, meanwhile will mimic those of the earlier run: Monday through Friday, 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

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People interested in getting a rapid COVID-19 test at University of Wisconsin Superior will need to pre-register.  Click here for the details.  There is no cost involved, as the "federal government covers the costs associated with running the test sites".

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