Now that the students have moved into the dorms, classes have started, and the "back to school"-dust has settled, enrollment numbers for the 2022-2023 year at the University of Wisconsin-Superior have been released.  And, they look good.

Total enrollment at the Superior campus stands at 2,682.  That represents a four-percent increase over last years numbers.  It also represents the second consecutive year that the educational facility has seen an increase in the number of students attending.  And - according to details shared by UWS - it also represents a "strong multi-year trend with total headcount growing six percent over the past two years".

Looking deeper into the enrollment numbers, there is plenty of other good news for the University of Wisconsin-Superior, too.  Online numbers and some specific degree paths saw sharp increases:

"Notable in UW-Superior's fall 2022 data is a 31-percent increase in online graduate enrollment, with particular growth in mental health and school counseling programs.  International enrollment also remained strong with over 70 new international students from 20 countries arriving at UW-Superior - one of the largest international classes in recent history."

The good news for enrollment numbers has trickled through the university in noticeable ways.  University of Wisconsin-Superior Chancellor Dr. Renee Wachter offered:

"The semester has taken off with so much participation and energy.  I am tremendously proud of the coordinated effort by staff, faculty, and partners to welcome these students and work hard to ensure their success.  It's exciting to see UW-Superior continue to position itself as the 'Anchor of the North'."

And while the increase in enrollment numbers counts the students attending, the positive growth of the university represents a concerted effort by staff and admissions.

UWS Executive Director of Admissions focused his praise on the teamwork it took to achieve the growth they're seeing:

"The success of our enrollment growth is a testament to a coordinated and dedicated effort across departments focused on diversifying our student body through various program and modalities.  We continue to see growth through our online graduate programs and high school dual enrollment, but also continue to support on-campus undergraduate programs with the support they need to thrive."

While enrollment numbers were up, UWS did see a fall-off in on-campus undergraduate students; this years numbers were off four-percent.  However, those on-campus undergraduate enrollment numbers remained "constant for the past few years considering challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic".

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