The fastest ship in the US Navy was Christened last summer. The USS Minneapolis Saint Paul will be visiting the Duluth/Superior Port Docking in Duluth Spring of 2021.

The reason for a visit, according to a press release, is to be commissioned in the Port Of Duluth. It is designed for shallow water missions and near-shore missions. The reason for the missions if because of how quiet the ship operates. It will search out mines and submarines. Once commissioned it will be homeported in Mayport, Florida.

Why so much time between the christening to commissioning, besides the obvious COVID-19 time off? Patricia Dolan the Vice President of communications for the Minnesota  Navy League said in a press release, the inside of the ship still needs to be finished. The shipbuilder, Fincantieri Marinette Marine Shipyard still has to complete the engine, other inside power, and machinery. They have to finish the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Plus there is no furniture inside and must be fitted for beds and living areas, including the kitchen.

Plus the crew has to be trained to use the ship. It will be fitted with a lot of new technology and people will have to know how to use it. Like new technology to track down submarines, LCS sonar training for the new sonar.

Here are some staggering numbers, Patricia Dolan says the USS Minneapolis Saint Paul will be manned by 140 sailors. 107 of those sailors are currently in Mayport, Florida. When they pull into the Duluth Port in the spring, it will be finished and crew members will be able to show it off.

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