1960 did it and 1980 had a determined team. Everyone knows the story of the Miracle on ice. The 1980 Olympic team, made up of kids. Times have changed and now the men's hockey teams are made up of NHL players and other professionals.

(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Every 4 years we are reminded of how special that victory was and winning the gold medal. This year is a little different. The Hockey power is not Russia (although they have a good team), it is Canada. They put the most players in the NHL and have the most organized hockey system in the world.

This year's USA men's hockey team is again being reminded of the Miracle of 1980, and more than ever they are tired of being the second best in the world. Something else is different.

In an article by Greg Beachum of Yahoo! Sports  David Backes said "I think the Miracle obviously is a great accomplishment for the U.S., but it was 34 years ago, and we're still living on something that happened 34 years ago," said Backes, a two-time Olympian. "As great as it was, and as awesome an accomplishment, I think the guys here would like to write our own chapter, and then we can talk about '80 and 2014."

For the first time ever, there is not a member on the team that was alive when the game happened. They only know it from video and the feature movie. The never saw it, they never experienced it. It's just a story to them.

This is the first year the Americans aren't looked at closely. Canada is the favorite, Russia is the host, so the home crowd wants their team to win. So maybe the US team can sneak under the radar and make history their own way.