I wasn’t even quite sure what a Manatee was except when I sang about Barbara Manatee in the Veggie Tales Song. (am I the only one that remembers that).   Then, I received information about a club in Florida to save the Manatees.  They are an endangered species, and while they aren’t the most gorgeous animal, they do have the cutest tuft of whiskers.  If you're looking for an unusual Valentine's Day gift, how about a Manatee Club Membership

The non-profit club was founded in 1981 by the then governor of Florida and singer, Jimmy Buffett!   Why are they on the endangered list?  According to the website savethe manatee.org, it's largely due to human activity, like collisions with boats for example.  The club determined their mission would be to protect endangered manatees and their aquatic habitat for future generations.  They site their objective to be the recovery and protection of manatees and their aquatic ecosystems throughout the world.

You can help by Increasing public awareness and helping to education people about the need for protective measures where manatees habitate.

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