Wisconsin residents attending the University of Wisconsin-Superior can breathe a little easier about the costs of going to school next fall; similar to what they've been doing for the last nine years, the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents voted to approve the 2022-2023 annual operating budget with an included tuition freeze for in-state resident undergraduates.

The tuition costs of attending one of the University of Wisconsin schools haven't changed for in-state undergraduates since 2013-2014.

While a tuition freeze like that means extra-diligence for budget-keepers at the university, it's all part of the plan to keep higher education affordable for those who want to attend.  UW-Superior Senior Enrollment Officer Jeremy Nere explains:

"Affordability remains one of the biggest concerns of students and families we are working with.  The tuition freeze will help keep institutions like UW-Superior competitive in providing high quality education to students in our region."

That's a plan that gets the approval from the top down.  UW-System Board of Regents President Jay Rotham offers more insight into the tuition freeze:

"Keeping our universities affordable and accessible is a priority.,,,,[M]oving forward, it is critical we make the investments necessary to enhance the quality of education that makes the University of Wisconsin System attractive to students while maintaining affordability for Wisconsin families."

It's worth noting that the tuition freeze for in-state resident undergraduates doesn't mean that total costs for them won't increase; besides tuition, students hard-costs also involve fees, room and board, and more.  Taking those factors into account, the overall average cost of attending a UW-System university for a typical residential undergraduate student living on a main four-year campus will "rise 1.7 percent, or $273, for 2022-2023.  For branch campuses, the typical increase amounts to 0.1 percent, or $6.00."

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