This hits pretty close to home - literally! A UFO sighting has been reported along the North Shore.

The sighting was reported in early January but was just posted to the National UFO Reporting Center's website recently. I came across it while curious about what was happening in the supernatural world these days.

The sighting occurred on January 25th of 2021, which was a Monday. According to the report, the UFO changed in shape throughout the eight minute long encounter. They also state that one orb morphed into three throughout that time period. I can't lie - seeing a UFO along the North Shore would be a pretty cool sight to see.

So what happened? A couple was driving along the North Shore, from Grand Marais to Tofte. They had been out to eat and were driving back to Tofte when one of them noticed a "round white orb that started dim" and slowly got brighter. Apparently, it made a sharp turn before it disappeared.

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From there, things get even eerier. The report states that a minute later, another orb appeared. This orb was bright and also disappeared. The same thing happened a few minutes later. Finally, one orb split into three, moved in a horizontal line and lingered for a few seconds. To end it all, the orbs came back together and disappeared.

Like I said, this hits really close to home. Rounding out the report was a really interesting tidbit: cars in front of them slammed on their breaks, possibly seeing the orbs as well. According to the couple, "all of this happened on the shoreline of Lake Superior." Ah!

There is an urban legend that states that Lake Superior is a portal for the supernatural so this definitely supports that theory. I guess next time you drive along the North Shore, look up for any spooky UFO sightings in the sky!

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