My sister's birthday is December 19, which is a bummer for me because the gifts I send are in the mix with the holiday packages and take longer than usual to get to her.  More than 16 billion cards, letters, flats and packages are expected to be delivered for the 2016 holiday season. But, they are keeping up on it and even offering delivery notifications and a sweet new way to SEE that your package has been delivered.


The USPS is offering a new free multi-media animated augmented reality smartphone (AR) app that will allow you, as the sender the opportunity to send messages about the package to create even more anticipation than normal.  As for the lucky receiver of your gift, if they have the app they can get a photo or a video with an animated thank you that can be shared on social media.  No more wondering if they received their package or poking and prodding your children to write a thank you!

The app is easy to obtain, just download the free “USPS AR” app to your smartphone.

In related news,  if you sign up for alerts from the Postal Service you can get real-time delivery notifications  a few minutes after they scan and deliver the package.

Info via:  USPS

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