There are very few things in this life worth going to prison for -- getting caught stealing a bunch of fancy underpants and then hissing and spitting like a wild-eyed alley cat in a desperate attempt to claw your way out of trouble definitely falls into that category.

That is what Boynton Beach, Florida police say happened over the weekend, after Pamela Williams, 42, and Annette Campbell, 38, allegedly walked into a local Sears department store and proceeded to steal about $450 in women’s underwear.

Police say the heist got interesting after the two pantie bandits discovered they were about to get caught by store security, and unleashed a healthy dose of violence against store employees while making a run for it.

However, that didn't stop employees from detaining Williams outside the store, while doing their best to avoid being run over by Campbell during her last ditch effort to get the heck out of dodge before the cops showed up.

Campbell was arrested shortly after her reckless departure.

Police say that even though they were unable to recover the stolen underwear, both women were charged with strong-arm robbery, as well as an additional charge of aggravated assault with a motor vehicle for Campbell.

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