It’s a little unusual to drive down a rural highway and see a car engulfed in flames. It’s even more unusual to see two firemen dressed in drag dousing those flames with a fire hose. And yet, that’s exactly what happened in Minnesota recently.

The firefighters in Sedan, MN hold a “beauty pagent” every year to have a little fun and raise money for equipment. The entirely male firefighting team dresses in ball gowns and struts their stuff for an audience to raise funds.

On St. Patrick’s Day, the crew was headed out of town with their truck to appear in a nearby St. Patrick’s Day parade. Two of the firemen were in their pageant regalia as part of their parade schtick. On their way, they passed a truck that had caught on fire. The fire was beginning to spread to another vehicle, and since the next available fire department was at least 15 miles away, the Sedan crew pulled over and went to work.

The two best-dressed firefighters were halfway through fighting the blaze before they remembered that they were wearing ball gowns. They still managed to put the fire out and walked away with some rather entertaining footage of them doing their job while dressed like fancy ladies.

Check out a news report on this strange story below.

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