Aftershock has risen to the top of the heap in the Twin Ports area and changed for the better over the years.

I talked with Darin and Patti Shuman from the band. (Sorry guys I could only interview them). We talked about how long the band has been going. 2011-12 sometime is when Darin says he remembers the first incarnation of the band. Going through different members.

Patti (who is married to Darin) who was raised in a musical family, was jumping up on stage here and there singing with bands and her friends and people watching were telling her she should sing in a band full time.

It was about that time Aftershock was going through some changes and looking for a female lead singer. Patti spoke up about wanting a chance and the guys knew her already, so they added her to the band. That changed the dynamic, according to Patti and then they were able to add more songs.

Their band highlights include opening up for HairBall and when Chris Daughtry joined them on stage.

Here's the latest line-up for Aftershock:

Gary Bubacz: Drums
Eric Grambush: Guitar and vocals
Darin Schuman: Guitar and vocals
Patti Schuman: Vocals
Bruce Wolfe: Bass and vocals

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