The St. Louis County Sheriff's Department has reported the first incident of a vehicle falling through the ice this season.  On Thursday night December 7, a truck driven by Vincent Vesel broke through the ice on Lake Vermilion between Stuntz Bay and Ely Island.

According to the sheriff's report:

The driver Vesel was driving on the ice and had come to a stop and exited his pick up truck before it broke through the ice.  Vesel had been measuring the ice in different spots as he drove.  Ice on the lake varied from 10 inches to 4 inches where his truck broke through the ice.  Vesel was not injured in the incident.

Authorities remind outdoor enthusiasts that it's too early to be on the ice in a vehicle.  We haven't had significant periods of cold temperatures to warrant the proper ice thickness.  At the same time - because it's so early - the depth of the ice on area lakes varies wildly from one spot to the other.



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