Toy Story 3, I'm still buying the toys, eating at a certain burger joint to collect the stupid toys to make the kids happy. I loved the movie, you know the characters now, and have become attached to them, what a great run.......not so fast. What about Toy Story 4. It's funny to me, JJ says to me, "Chris, They left the door open for another Toy Story".....pretty sad when the kids know when there is going to be another movie. Do you think they write these things with the intent of doing another? Do they have a rough draft already written?

In a Monday (June 27) interview with the BBC, Hanks -- who voices Woody in the Pixar franchise flicks -- was asked if there would be another "Toy Story" movie.

"I think there will be," replied Hanks. "They're working on it now."

Which is somewhat puzzling to fans who felt "Toy Story 3" provided a sort of closure for the story. Still, what's a little closure when there are box office sales and marketing tie-ins to consider?

What do you think -- are you up for "Toy Story 4" or should Disney-Pixar let the movies stand as a trilogy?

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