Toy Story 4

Update: ‘Toy Story 4′ Is Officially Happening, Gets a 2017 Release Date
Even though we were told, once upon a time, that Disney and Pixar had no plans for 'Toy Story 4,' it seems that those plans have changed. After a series of short films that kept us up to date with the adventures of Woody and Buzz Lightyear and friends, Disney CEO Bob Iger has just announced that we'll finally be getting a 'Toy Story 4' after all, and it has an official release date and everything.
‘Toy Story 4′: Tom Hanks spills on a possible third sequel
Toy Story 3, I'm still buying the toys, eating at a certain burger joint to collect the stupid toys to make the kids happy. I loved the movie, you know the characters now, and have become attached to them, what a great run.......not so fast. What about Toy Story 4. It's funny to me, JJ says to me, "Chris, They left the door open for another Toy Story".....pretty sad when the kids know wh