Everyone has to spend more time at home, even if you are working somewhere, you aren't going anywhere after you leave your job, so, I posed the question to listeners.

What is it you are consuming more now that you are stuck at home with nowhere to go?

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5.) More Food-Some people in the survey couldn't really say it was one food over another, just more food. Some of the comments were that after 8 pm it was a fridge free-for-all with the eating. Obviously everyone is gaining weight to move up to the heavyweight fighting division.


4 ) Top The Tater-This should have come in higher because I think this could be part of a buffet and it could be the buffet by itself and can be used with everything on this list (except number 1.....ewwwww), you can take any snack and dip it in the addictive goodness that is top the tater. It's not even for taters anymore. Shoot, you could just sit on the couch and eat it with a large serving spoon and no one would blame you. Good Choice!!

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3 ) Candy, this is an easy addiction. You can sit on the couch with a large bowl of any and all of these candies. What's your favorite? Who cares!!! Candy is an emotional food, it's a guilty food, it's really good food to eat mindlessly and share with someone to eat mindlessly with you. What's your poison? Chocolate, sweet tarts, gummy, licorice, fruity, or whatever. There you are watching Netflix in a sugar coma, laughing uncontrollably.


2 ) Nachos-Sí senior! This is the guilty pleasure that makes people you are eating healthy, but you really are not. Put lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, meat (chicken or beef or both) and you can create a plate of these, or dip in salsa, or have them with avocado. Plus, if you use chili with beans there could be some dutch oven fun later.

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1 ) Liquor-I hope this survey wasn't answered by kids. Of course not, sometimes you need it because the kids are home all day, sometimes because your spouse is home all day, sometimes because you are home all day. People are having Zoom drinking parties online. It is a different time, but old trusty gets you through. Too bad there couldn't be wine Wednesday or Don't ask me what's in my cup Friday at work. Did you know according to a survey at chron.com more people are drinking at home during the pandemic, but they are also getting more work done according to the New York Times? What does that tell you? The wet bar at work will make everyone work harder.

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