Ian Connell started on piano but comes from a hard rock beginning and creates music that sounds like nothing else.

His parents told him in order to get better on the piano he had to practice. He says he wished he did. He says Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor were huge influences on his music and still is, he also credits some other harder bands with influencing his writing style. One thing to keep in mind, Trent's band Nine Inch Nails is a little on the harder side but Trent has been credited with writing some great soundtracks.

Ian started playing percussion at 11, then drums at 15, and also plays guitar. When I asked him about which instruments he can play, he said he is a drummer first but then he says he plays guitar as a board-certified music therapist but isn't working because the hospice he works in is obviously under lockdown and he has to stay home.

Ian says he best music story is that he got to play at the Lincoln Center In New York and played in a wind ensemble that played in the million-dollar band and performed in front of a huge crowd. He says that with all the extra time he has he has been reflecting a lot. One thing that started it was a thunderstorm helped burn down the music building at Alabama where he went to school and it made him think a little bit and reflect on what things he has been able to accomplish. He said he is sentimental about the new building going up.


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