This recipe was submitted by Mary Kresky, it was a Swedish Meatball recipe that she just happened to come by and said it was so good, she had to share.

From Grandma Isabel Kresky, and Mary tells me

Isabel Kresky came from Wadena, MN. She was part of a huge German family 14 kids all together. She loved getting everyone together And had a few staple recipes that she had down to a science. She was a very cool lady a teacher in Lincoln Park kindergarten west Duluth very loved. Overall she taught for 50 years and her favorite was teaching kindergarten. In fact, She kept just shy of one or two credits from getting her doctorate so she could continue teaching kindergarten. Parents would request their kids to be taught by her.

Mary also pointed out they aren't really detailed. In those days everyone knew how to make gravy and sauces. So, you might have to wing a big part of this.

Let me know how this turns out.


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